Stress Relief Games That You Can Do Today

Stress relief games are important to people who suffer from stress because if you continue to have stressful situations in your life you should do something about it. Doing something about your stress levels will lead to more productive work life, a better relationship with your partner and children, freedom from concern about issues which you cannot resolve but worry you constantly.

If you use games particularly stress relief games when you are feeling overwhelmed by stress you can quickly get the benefits of those games to decrease the levels of your stress.

Stress relief games can include all sorts of activities and in fact stress relief games can also be played by you. We looked at the most popular games played by adults and looked at their ability to de-stress the players.

Top stress relief games for stress management

Breathing exercises: A great game for this is walking fast for one minute then walking slowly for 30 seconds, the game is to see if you can do this for 10 minutes and build this up over time to 30 minutes. Walking has so many benefits and can be done in short spurts such as 10 minutes. Try to build walking into your daily routine and ensure that you are walking fast enough to increase your heart rate. But you vip168 do not need to walk, you can do any exercise such as dancing, cycling or swimming, just make sure you take it easy to start with and see your health practitioner before doing any rigorous activity.

Meditation: How can you make a game out of meditation? Easy, if you concentrate something that makes you feel good such as cat purring, or the smell of a rose, a water fall for example while you are sitting somewhere in a relaxed position with your eyes closed you will find that you obtain an sense of calm if you focus on that for a while. If you practice focussing on your good feeling thought when you are in a tense situation, one which you might feel stressful you will find that the feelings of calmness come easier every time you practice this game. Some people even play a game of imagining something ridiculous to make them laugh themselves out of stressful situations. Laughing is a great way to release happy hormones which can help with stress.

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