If God is Love, Then Why So Much of Hatred in This World?

God has been seen diversely by various individuals in various times. The comprehension of God by man is expressed in the sacred texts of various religions. Nonetheless, nothing is as confounding in the sacred writings as to know whom God loves and whom God despises. The response to this question is critical to man as nobody might want to drive God crazy and endure the fallout of his disdain which is reflected in agonies and agony. Sacred texts are brimming with clear advance notice to man in the event that they act against the desires of God. In Bible, God sends ten kinds of maladies or catastrophes, to persuade Pharaoh to let the Israelite slaves go (Exodus: 7 – 12).

In the third edict of the Bible , God cautions the man

You will not do homage them or love them (Other God); for I the Lord your God am a desirous God, rebuffing kids for the evildoing of guardians, to the third and the fourth era of the people who reject me.

Book of scriptures likewise alludes commonly that God loves man and He can be known exclusively through affection. Book of scriptures says

“He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love,” (I John 4:8). “God is love, and he that dwelleth in affection, dwelleth in God, and God in him,” (I John 4:16).

Consequently God is show in the sacred text both as a caring God and furthermore one who despises who opposes the headings of God. Individuals have deciphered distinctively how to get love of God. However one can figure out the affection or disdain of God by a lot less complex technique.

Satisfaction and Misery

What truly God wishes? Is it conceivable that anything in this world can occur without His desire? He is almightily and Omniscient. He has unlimited authority over the man including his considerations. Consequently how might man have an autonomous wish? Accordingly where is the subject of opposing the desires of God when all desires and contemplations in man begins from God alone.

However man experiences in this world The god of this world in his life. Since all sufferings are accepted to be because of the outrage of God, consequently it is legitimate to assume that the demonstrations and considerations that bring about experiencing in man should be against the desires of God. Similarly all demonstrations of man that prompts bliss and delight are related with the desires of God. Subsequently all sacred writings encourage individuals to follow the way that prompts satisfaction and avoid the way that prompts torment.

When who follows the way against the sacred writings commits sin and endures as God abhors him while the individual who follows the way of sacred text accomplishes something useful and get the affection for God.

In sensible manner, one might say that the world appears to keep specific regulations. In the event that an individual keeps the regulations, he is compensated with satisfaction while one who disregards the regulations needs to endure. These regulations are not extremely not the same as the regulations made by the legislatures occasionally to bring a government assistance state in this world.

The Reason of Love
It is hard to comprehend the adoration and disdain of God just by perusing the sacred writings. All sacred writings are emblematic in nature and one needs to utilize his creative mind to grasp the genuine significance of the words. In this manner, the researchers of sacred texts frequently neglect to figure out sacred texts. Kabir, the renowned Sufi artist of India said,

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